ABC Administrative Code Changes 2021

In May the ABC posted its intended actions regarding proposed changes to chapters five and six of Title 20.  Chapter five proposed changes may be viewed HERE, and chapter six proposed changes may be viewed HERE. One interesting change is found in new section 20-x-5-.20.  This section allows for extension of manufacturer licensed premises.  This is potentially a positive change, but seems to be highly restrictive.  We have proposed language that will: Allow finished product to be distributed from the manufacturer [...]

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Some Great News From The Statehouse!

Dan Roberts, our crack Government Affairs Manager, reports the following major progress today! House Bill 539 by Representative Anthony Daniels (D-Huntsville) just received its final concurrence vote and is headed to the Governor. If signed by the Governor, most of its provisions will go into effect on August 1, 2021. This legislation began as a relatively straightforward measure to increase the off-premise limits for breweries and distilleries. Earlier this week, after discussions with lawmakers and other stakeholders, we had the [...]

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Brewers and wholesalers work together to amend home delivery bill

The Alabama Brewers Guild and its members were pleased to see the home delivery bill, SB126, pass the House Judiciary committee today after being amended to include brewery and distillery tasting rooms. The amended bill will benefit thousands of local businesses in Alabama still recovering from COVID-related losses, and will provide a convenient and safe purchase option for Alabamians across the state. The Guild especially appreciates its wholesale partners for their work on this legislation. Soon after the public announcement [...]

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Why are breweries being locked out of home delivery in bill?

The Alabama Brewers Guild supports home delivery of alcoholic beverages. In the early weeks of the COVID-19 shutdown, the Guild openly called for an emergency rule to allow home delivery for all licensees to provide relief to the struggling hospitality industry. We closely followed the progress of SB126 this year to codify home delivery into law. This legislation would benefit thousands of small businesses in Alabama from package stores to restaurants to our local breweries. Home delivery would also benefit Birmingham-based Shipt, [...]

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Guild partners with ABC to showcase local spirits

The COVID-19 pandemic and response hit craft brewers and distilleries particularly hard. To support our small business distilleries, the Alabama Brewers Guild and the ABC Board partnered to showcase locally-owned spirits at 25 ABC stores across Alabama. The Guild developed these displays and partnered with United-Johnson Brothers of Alabama to distribute to the following ABC locations: # 4: Auburn (1199 S Donahue Drive) # 15: Cullman (705 Cullman Shopping Ctr NW) # 39: Trussville (1873-C Gadsden Hwy) # 45: Huntsville [...]

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Legislative Update: After the 2019 Legislative Session

At the beginning of the session, the Alabama Brewers Guild released a comprehensive reform agenda called Brewery Modernization 2.0. The state legislature passed two key provisions of this agenda during the 2019 regular legislative session, and the Guild is committed to continuing to work to bring common sense reform to the alcohol regulatory system in Alabama.Brewery Modernization 2.0 is an ambitious reform package designed to "clean-up" the law to better account for the current state of the industry and [...]

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HB151 and Beer Taxes

Excise taxes are probably the least-fun part of the beer industry, but they are important for brewers. House Bill 151, introduced by Representative Nordgren and awaiting a hearing in the House Economic Development and Tourism Committee, would solve a major issue with the ABC beer excise tax when applied to brewery tasting rooms. What is the ABC Beer Excise Tax in Alabama? per barrel when the keg is sold by wholesalers per barrel when [...]

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Representative Nordgren introduces HB151: Brewery Modernization 2.0

On Tuesday, March 19, Representative Rebecca Nordgren of Gadsden introduced HB151, also known as Brewery Modernization 2.0. This legislation is designed to update and clean-up the Brewery Modernization Act, the landmark 2011 legislation that legalized tasting rooms in Alabama. Brewery Modernization 2.0 is the culmination of almost two years of review of the existing regulatory system. Derrell Winowich, president of the Alabama Brewers Guild and owner of Chattahoochee Brewing Co, remarked, "Tasting rooms have been legal in Alabama for about [...]

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C.K. Lichenstein joins the Alabama Brewers Guild

C.K. Lichenstein has joined the Alabama Brewers Guild as its first Membership and Operations Coordinator. As the craft brewing industry continues to grow in Alabama, the Guild found that it had an immediate need for a full-time position dedicated to managing its relationships with its members and ensure that it continues to bring value. The Membership and Operations Coordinator will work with brewing and distillery members as well as our industry partners. After first working in the retail tier of [...]

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Where to find Bitter Constituent

Alabama Crown Distributing is delivering our 2019 Guild Collaboration around the state. Here is where you can find it! This post will be updated as we receive updates. Bitter Constituent is also available on draft and in special crowlers at the host brewery, Common Bond Brewers in Montgomery. North Alabama Below the Radar, Huntsville Das Stahl Bierhaus, Huntsville Liquor Express, Huntsville Old Towne Beer Exchange, Huntsville The Open Bottle, Huntsville Rocket City Craft Beer, Madison [...]

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