The COVID-19 Resources page has been updated, and please review the Reopening Checklist as well. Each week, I field several questions that are answered on those two documents.

The FTH To-Go Page

C.K. is going to continue maintaining the Free the Hops Craft To-Go page for a while. He has added a column to indicate whether seating is currently available. He runs through it based on social media posts, but it’s a good idea to review that page to ensure your information is correct.

TTB Industry Circular 2020-3

The TTB last week issued Industry Circular 2020-3: Trade Practice Enforcement During COVID-19 Pandemic. I highly recommend you review the document in its entirety.

As expected, the TTB will not consider buy-backs an illegal consignment sale if they were due to closed or substantially reduced operations due to COVID-19 shelter-in-place restrictions. The TTB also re-affirmed that industry members are under no obligation to accept returns.

ABC Guidance on Additional Outdoor Dining Space

The ABC normally does not allow parking lots to be used for consumption. However, the recently issued guidance that they will temporarily allow more places to provide for additional temporary outdoor seating in light of the restrictions in the latest health order. Unfortunately, the requirements seem quite onerous.

Curbside Order Expiration

The emergency rule providing for curbside sales is currently set to expire on Wednesday, July 22, 2020. This date may be altered. We are asking the ABC about the possibility of extending or making this provision permanent.