Keep your stories coming in. It really helps us as we craft a unified “ask” for government officials.

COVID-19 Information and Resources updates

I am updating the Guild’s COVID-19 information and resources page daily as new information comes in.

  • I added the state’s unemployment benefits website to the list of relief options and information. The Department of Labor is modifying rules to benefit those affected by the pandemic.
  • I also added a link to the Bartender Emergency Relief Fund maintained by the US Bartenders Guild. You do not have to be a member to apply for a grant.
  • I also added a “Legal Guidance” section based on many questions I’ve received. Please keep those questions coming in!

Jefferson County closes bars & restaurants

You probably know that Jefferson County has banned on-premise service at food and drink establishments for one week. I would not be surprised to see this extended to other parts of the state or for it to be mandated statewide.

Email with your altered hours and operations

If you are being mandated or you are self-restricting your on-premise operations, send an email to Free the Hops is aggregating information on those craft beverage businesses for their supporters to ask their supporters to support their local businesses in these trying times by continuing to buy local.

Send Rich your hours and any information on how to purchase like ordering websites or numbers.

This will be sent to FTH’s 5300 subscribers and shared via their social media channels.

State Excise Taxes on Beer and Liquor

While we are working on a way to suspend excise taxes for 90 days, I also contacted the ABC Administrator to ask that they not enforce late filings for the time being.

It is important to note that the ABC does not normally charge penalties or interest for late excise tax payments. So, they effectively are willing to defer tax payments already.

So throwing caution to the wind, I’m going to go ahead and recommend you don’t pay your excise taxes for now. Hopefully we can get these suspended. But for now, nothing dramatic should happen if you don’t send that check.

Debt Service Questions

Many people are wary about taking on more debt with a disaster loan, which is understandable.

A proposal being discussed in Congress is no-penalty deferment of government-backed loan payments like SBA loans. So the idea is that you can skip some number of payments without penalty.

Even without the Act of Congress, I would strongly recommend you reach out to your lenders and landlords about your options. They should understand that you’re not going to be paying your loans or your rent if you’re out of business.