It’s a stressful time, but we will get through this. We recommend you follow government mandates, CDC guidance, and remember that this too shall pass. This email is to provide some updates and ask for your inputs.

Upcoming Guild and Free the Hops events

  • Rocket City Brewfest (originally scheduled for May 16) is postponed until further notice
  • The Tasting Room Compliance Workshop in Mobile (originally scheduled for March 31) is postponed until further notice
  • Guild Social Night Mobile (originally scheduled for March 31) is postponed until further notice
  • Magic City Brewfest is still planned for June 6, but that may change

Your feedback and requests for relief

Please send me a brief description of how you’ve been affected by this pandemic. How were your Saturday sales compared to last year?

We want to know your issues and any proposed solutions you may have. We are already planning to ask the Governor to suspend or defer state excise taxes on beer and liquor for 90 days. What other policies might help?

We are also working with other trade associations for broad-based relief from the state for small businesses in the retail and light manufacturing space.

And finally, we are working under the leadership of the Brewers Association about federal relief for affected businesses, including suspension or deferral of excise and payroll taxes.

Membership dues – quarterly or monthly payments available

Most Regular and Associate Membership dues have a deadline of May 1. Starting this year, the Guild is allowing quarterly or monthly payments of your membership dues. You can set this up on the Guild’s website or reach out to me to help you set it up. In order to pay monthly or quarterly, you must set up an automatic recurring payment.

COVID-19 Information and Resources Page

I know that everyone and their mother has a resource page on their website with an overwhelming amount of documentation and links, but I worked hard to make this as concise as possible.

COVID-19 Information and Resources

Please feel free to recommend additional resources.