As I’m sure you are all aware, Governor Ivey announced Friday that restrictions will be eased on many businesses, effective Monday, May 11, 2020. For now, the counties of Jefferson and Mobile have stated that they will follow the statewide order without being more restrictive. The City of Birmingham may develop stricter guidelines, but it has not been announced as of this writing.

Reopening checklist

We have developed a Reopening Checklist to help you develop your processes as you prepare to be open for the public. This checklist is designed to be a high-level guide, and you should develop your own procedures based on the specifics of your own business.

It is highly recommended that you review this checklist. We have asked for input from state agencies, and I will update everyone of any changes.

Magic City Brewfest Postponed

The plan was to make a go or no-go decision about a month before the June 6 Magic City Brewfest. Unfortunately, the decision is to postpone the event as we wait to see how this continues to develop. We do not have a new date for event, but we plan to host it later this year provided the public health situation is appropriate.

TTB Product Destruction FAQ

TTB has published an FAQ on Destruction of Beer During COVID-19. A primary takeaway from the FAQ is that TTB is waiving the requirement that brewers submit a Notice of Intent to the bureau prior to destroying product. However, you must still contact the Alabama ABC Board prior to destroying beer.