Supported Candidates for 2018 State Legislative Races

Craft PAC voted to support the following State Senate and State House of Representative candidates for the 2018 election cycle in Alabama.  The candidate’s listing here does not necessarily indicate financial support was given.

Pro-Craft State Senate Candidates

SD Pro-Brewery Candidate
1 Senator Tim Melson (R)
2 Tom Butler (R)
3 Senator Arthur Orr (R)
4 Garlan Gudger (R)
5 Senator Greg Reed (R)
6 Senator Larry Stutts (R)
7 Sam Givhan (R)
8 Senator Steve Livingston (R)
9 Senator Clay Scofield (R)
11 Senator Jim McClendon (R)
12 Senator Del Marsh (R)
14 Senator Cam Ward (R)
15 Dan Roberts (R)
16 Senator Jabo Waggoner (R)
17 Senator Shay Shelnutt (R)
18 Senator Rodger Smitherman (D)
21 Senator Gerald Allen (R)
24 Senator Bobby Singleton (D)
26 Senator David Burkette (D)
27 Senator Tom Whatley (R)
32 Chris Elliott (R)
33 Senator Vivian Davis Figures (D)

Pro-Craft State House of Representatives Candidates

HD Pro-Brewery Candidate
2 Representative Lynn Greer (R)
7 Proncey Robertson (R)
8 Terri Collins (R)
10 Representative Mike Ball (R)
12 Representative Corey Harbison (R)
13 Representative Connie Rowe (R)
16 Representative Kyle South (R)
19 Representative Laura Hall (D)
21 Representative Rex Reynolds (R)
24 Representative Nathaniel Ledbetter (R)
25 Speaker Mac McCutcheon (R)
29 Representative Becky Nordgren (R)
32 Representative Barbara Boyd (D)
33 Representative Ron Johnson (R)
40 Representative Koven Brown (R)
41 Representative Corey Ellis (R)
42 Representative Jimmy Martin (R)
44 Representative Danny Garrett (R)
46 Representative David Faulkner (R)
50 Representative Jim Hill (R)
52 Representative John W. Rogers, Jr. (D)
53 Representative Anthony Daniels (D)
54 Neil Rafferty (D)
55 Representative Roderick Hampton Scott (D)
56 Representative Louise Alexander (D)
58 Representative Rolanda Hollis (D)
59 Representative Mary Moore (D)
60 Representative Juadalynn Givan (D)
63 Representative Bill Poole (R)
64 Representative Harry Shiver (R)
65 Representative Elaine Beech (D)
66 Representative Alan Baker (R)
68 Representative Thomas Jackson (D)
69 Representative Kelvin Lawrence (D)
70 Representative Chris England (D)
71 Representative A.J. McCampbell (D)
72 Representative Ralph Howard (D)
74 Representative Dimitri Polizos (R)
76 Representative Thad McClammy (D)
79 Representative Joe Lovvorn (R)
80 Representative Chris E. Blackshear (R)
82 Representative Pebblin Warren (D)
85 Representative Dexter Grimsley (D)
86 Representative Paul Lee (R)
90 Representative Chris Sells (R)
93 Representative Steve Clouse (R)
94 Representative Joe Faust (R)
95 Representative Steve McMillan (R)
97 Representative Adline Clarke (D)
101 Representative Chris Pringle (R)
103 Representative Barbara Drummond (D)
105 Representative Margie Wilcox (R)