The Alabama Brewers Guild and its members were pleased to see the home delivery bill, SB126, pass the House Judiciary committee today after being amended to include brewery and distillery tasting rooms. The amended bill will benefit thousands of local businesses in Alabama still recovering from COVID-related losses, and will provide a convenient and safe purchase option for Alabamians across the state.

The Guild especially appreciates its wholesale partners for their work on this legislation. Soon after the public announcement that breweries and distilleries were being left out of the home delivery bill, wholesalers reached out to discuss how the bill should be amended to be inclusive of all licensees with retail privileges. The resulting amendment benefits local businesses and consumers while also being consistent with current law.

Alabama’s brewery and wholesale businesses work together day-in and day-out to make Alabama-brewed beer widely available to local consumers. In that same spirit of cooperation, the Guild and wholesalers also regularly communicate and work together to find common ground to advance the best policy for the alcohol industry in Alabama.

We look forward to continuing to work together to create more opportunities for our employees,  investments for our communities, and to create and distribute a variety of premium products to Alabama citizens.