There was quite a bit of activity in the Senate Thursday regarding our dramatically-reduced version of the Brewery Jobs Bill, SB452 by Senator Holtzclaw. The bill was #11 on a second Senate agenda – not an ideal spot. However, the Senate progressed along steadily and our bill was called up mid-afternoon.

SB452 passed the BIR

Alabama has a strange provision that requires a “vote before the vote.” In order for a bill to be called before the two state budgets are passed, it must first pass a Budget Isolation Resolution, or BIR. Requiring a 3/5 super-majority, the BIR vote is a constitutional requirement and typically lines up with the vote for final passage. We passed that vote with a comfortable margin of 19-5.

Voting against the BIR were Senators Beasley, Figures, Holley, Ross, and Whatley.

SB452 was then carried over to the call of the chair

Senator Jimmy Holley (R-Elba) threatened to filibuster the bill. With an education budget pending at the end of a long day, Senator Holtzclaw opted to carry the bill over to the call of the chair. This effectively means that it can be brought back up out of order at any time. We are in the process of determining the reasoning for Senator Holley’s decision to potentially shut down the Senate over a growler bill.