It unfortunately seems inevitable that we always get to this point. Brewers and their wholesalers have more common interests than differences, but those few differences are the source of a lot of contention. This legislative session seems to have gotten particularly dramatic.

Rather than argue about who said or did what… let’s start over. Forget about how we got here. This is where we are at, and we invite interested parties to sit at the table with us and work out a piece of legislation for off-premises sales from the brewery that we can all be happy with and pass in 2015.

From speaking with individual wholesalers and their lobbyists, everyone seems to agree that limited off-premises sales from the brewery is good for the beer industry in Alabama. It’s really remarkable that virtually no one is against the concept in one-on-one conversation. We are happy to discuss reasonable amendments to pass this legislation in 2015. We are committed to being reasonable about any concerns.