FairhopeInStStephensOn January 21, 2015, craft brewers from across Alabama converged to create a beer together. What resulted was St. Stephens Stout, a straightforward American Stout brewed with Alabama-grown wheat malt and fermented with Alabama-propagated yeast.

This small-batch, never-to-be-made-again beer will be available exclusively to guests at Eat Drink Birmingham on March 14. It will later be available at stores statewide the following week. It is being packaged exclusively in large-format, 22-oz bottles.

Celebrating St. Stephens: Where Alabama Began

St. Stephens Stout is the first beer in our annual Capital Series we are planning – five beers released each year from 2015 through Alabama’s Bicentennial in 2019. Each collaboration will focus on one of Alabama’s five historic capitals:

  • 2015: St. Stephens, territorial capital from 1817-1819
  • 2016: Huntsville, site of the constitutional convention in 1819
  • 2017: Cahawba, first permanent capital of the State of Alabama from 1820-1826
  • 2018: Tuscaloosa, the state capital from 1826-1846
  • 2019: Montgomery, the state capital since 1846

We worked with the staff of the Alabama Bicentennial Commission on how we could help celebrate the state’s 200th year together as an industry. We are excited to be promoting Alabama’s birthday with beer!

Benefiting the Old St. Stephens Historical Commission for their archeological work

We are also excited to announce that we will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this beer to the Old St. Stephens Historical Commission for their archeological support at Saint Stephens Park. Funding for these programs has been hard to come by with stretched state budgets, and we are proud to support their work!

We hope to leverage the interest in local craft beer and these collaboration beers to promote Alabama history and culture. We are locally-owned and community-focused small businesses and manufacturers, and we are excited to be working together to celebrate Alabama!