Craft brewers are changing landscapes in Alabama

Cities across the country are rebuilding themselves into thriving places to live and work as they compete for millennials and young professionals. Across Alabama and nationwide, craft brewers are helping their communities to reshape themselves.

Huntsville’s brewery complex

[pullquote]This is an exciting, game-changing redevelopment for west Huntsville and the city’s western gateway into downtown from I-565.  We’re excited about what it can do for west Huntsville, for downtown and for our entire community.
Chad Emerson, Downtown Huntsville Inc.[/pullquote]


Huntsville’s planned brewery park

Perhaps no city in Alabama is as interested in attracting young technology professionals as Huntsville – a technology hub of scientists and engineers. Their developing study, vision, and plan called The Big Picture is designed to keep the city competitive as a great place to live.

The city announced last year a plan to turn the abandoned Stone Middle School into a brewery center and entertainment zone. Huntsville brewers Straight to Ale and Yellowhammer Brewing will relocate and expand into the area. The two breweries will bring a light manufacturing and retail destination to the neighborhood while also serving as an anchor business for other retail operations.

Good People Brewing Co’s transformation

GPBC Construction

Good People Brewing co renovations

In Birmingham, Good People Brewing Co is investing in their brewery as a destination. Their location across the street from Regions Park has led to a significant increase in visitors, especially during baseball season.

Renovations are focused on the public areas of the brewery. In an interview with the Birmingham Business Journal, owner Michael Sellers explained, “It will be a lot more comfortable and easier to access, and it will have a patio out front, along with a lot of feature we think people will like.”

Elsewhere in Alabama

Tuscaloosa’s Band of Brothers is building a beer manufacturing and packaging operation on 23rd Avenue. Red Clay Brewing Co is moving in next door to John Emerald Distilling Co in the historic downtown district of Opelika, which is already turning into a thriving retail and restaurant destination. The revitalization of the Avondale neighborhood in Birmingham continues, thanks in large part to Avondale Brewing Co.

Across Alabama, beer makers are investing in their neighborhoods, building a new manufacturing base, and serving as a unique cultural fixture of their communities.