One of our Tasters’ Club members suggested a great idea for an event – a Firkin Ale Fest. He had the website domain and he had a lot of “firkin” jokes already picked out. So, naturally, we started planning a big event.

Then we realized it didn’t have to be done this way. Instead of one big event, in one part of the state, once a year – why not have several smaller events spread out around Alabama. Cheaper tickets, fewer or no lines, pint-sized pours, and focus on a few awesome casks at a time. At first, we will likely host these at the breweries – several are interested in making casks and hosting.

Blue Pants Brewery in Madison has volunteered to host the inaugural Firkin Ale Fest on July 28th, starting at 6pm. They are offering four types casks: Breeches ESB, a Black IPA, a Rye IPA with a Citra dry-hop, and a Rye IPA with a Centennial dry-hop. Admission price for the public is $20, no additional charge for the samples.

We are still planning a larger beer event or two. We hope to have details this Fall.