Though Guild members have been communicating actively via message board since early 2009, it’s first in-person meeting was held in late 2010.  Olde Towne’s Milton Lamb hosted the event at his house in Huntsville on November 12.  We managed to get a group photo before we got too caught up in sampling the beers and discussing the Guild’s plans for the future.  Pictured are, from left to right, standing: Mike and Allison Spratley (Blue Pants), Milton Lamb (Olde Towne), John Little (Southern Farmhouse), Derrell Winowich (Chattahoochee), Dan Perry (Straight to Ale), Daniel Stearns (Olde Towne) and Amanda Lindley (Olde Towne) and kneeling: Don Milligan (Yellowhammer) and Chris Bramon (Straight to Ale).  It was a great time, and the meeting was just the first of many to come.  Cheers to the real brewers of Alabama beer!